Enitan M.

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First and foremost, I would like to thank  Habitat for Humanity and the Efficient Home LLC team – Joe Carrol (the lead person + kitchen appliances), Brendon Ross and  Joshua Scott (Water Heater installers), Ashton and Nick (HVAC installers) for their warmth and caring professionality. When I applied for the Home Energy Efficiency Program through Habitat for Humanity, I have to admit that I truly did not know what the outcome would be. Would it be a prolonged waiting period? Would funding for the program be diverted to other things before implementation? My concerns were unfounded. I was met with…

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Darlene M.

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I have to say the people that worked here, were just so awesome. They never stopped working. From the insulators, plumbing, electrician. They were also so kind and personable, they never made me feel like a charity case and Dave was just so WONDERFUL to deal with. He explained everything and went out of his way to help me with some things he called minor, but I didn’t see it that way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all are sure a blessing. I am so very GRATEFUL. They certainly should be proud of everyone. You all…

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Karen G.

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I would like to thank Joe most sincerely.  It impresses me that Joe does not treat his work with Efficient Home as simply a job, but it’s his way of helping humanity, making the society a better place.  He did this not only with his kind words, but also with his caring deeds.  I am certain that many people have benefited from his service, the most recent two are my elderly parents.

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Marvin L.

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Thank you both so much for all of your help!  I am so overwhelmed with gratefulness.  The team that you sent to our home today was on time, professional, and followed all of the Covid-19 safety protocols.  Without your help, and the expertise of those you partner with, we have no idea when or how we would have been able to do all the necessary upgrades.  We will never forget your willingness to help during our time of need.

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Anne D.

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Your technician did a great job managing the work at our home. I have five sons and wish that at least one were as fine a gentleman as he is!

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Jennifer Rexroad

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What an asset it has been for our organization to work with Efficient Home.  Their work is excellent and I cannot quantify or place a value on the knowledge they bring to the table.  We had a federal audit on a project that Efficient Home had weatherized under DOE.  It was one of the best audits in recent history of Maryland and DOE grants.  This is an example of the fine work they do on every job.

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Bill Beavers

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Your technician installed low energy light bulbs, new smoke detectors and insulated my hot water lines.  He was on time, friendly, courteous and did an excellent job of explaining the advantages of the LED light bulbs installed.  I was pleased and impressed.

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Gwendolyn M.

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The technician came today for my energy check up.  Just wanted to let you know that he was on time, courteous, professional and knowledgeable.  As a senior citizen I really appreciated his support.

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Carole and David S.

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We were very pleased with our technician, his attention to detail and great ideas/suggestions that we can follow up on.  Big kudos!  He was terrific.

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Monica and Patricia M.

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The technician was so kind and helpful.  My sister and I are grateful that we have learned how to use energy more efficiently and how to increase savings throughout the rest of the year.

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