Enitan M.

First and foremost, I would like to thank  Habitat for Humanity and the Efficient Home LLC team – Joe Carrol (the lead person + kitchen appliances), Brendon Ross and  Joshua Scott (Water Heater installers), Ashton and Nick (HVAC installers) for their warmth and caring professionality.

When I applied for the Home Energy Efficiency Program through Habitat for Humanity, I have to admit that I truly did not know what the outcome would be. Would it be a prolonged waiting period? Would funding for the program be diverted to other things before implementation? My concerns were unfounded. I was met with an impressive response time and  an even more impressive team of people.

I am so grateful not only for a more energy efficient home but added cheer. This program serves multiple purposes. Thank you for making my home more comfortable.

Enitan M.
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