Weathering the Winter Season, Efficiently

Not many people enjoy being cold, that’s just a fact. Unfortunately, it’s often too expensive to keep your home as warm as you’d like. Further, there are usually several aspects of your home that are contributing to higher energy bills and a colder, less comfortable home. These include your home’s insulation, air sealing, and windows. Here are three simple things you can do to save money and feel warmer in your home this Winter:

  1. Adjust Your Water Heater. You use more hot water in winter. Lower the water heater temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees. Take showers, not baths. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average bath consumes up to 25 gallons of hot water, while a five-minute shower uses up much less — only around 10 gallons. Equipping your showers with low-flow showerheads also dramatically reduces the consumption of water, both hot and cold.


  1. Lower the Thermostat. Each degree you lower the thermostat on your heating system decreases your fuel bill by 3 percent. Going from 72 degrees down to 68 degrees doesn't matter much in terms of comfort, but it can save up to 12 percent on your heating bill.


  1. Close Your Curtains. Lose your curtains and lower your blinds immediately after dusk. They provide an extra barrier to radiant heat loss, add insulation and reduce draughts.

The items listed above are very simple, and not long term. This is where Efficient Home comes in (PEPCO’s Energy Efficiency Champion - By scheduling a comprehensive home energy audit, we will be able to identify the specific areas of your home that are contributing to higher bills and a less comfortable home.  Simply enter your info at and we will be in contact within 24 hours!

“From Efficient Home, I’ve experienced improved comfort, reduced drafts, lower energy use (lower costs), improved indoor air quality, and reduced allergens. It might be a stretch to top that near perfect service!” – Pauline T



A Success Story in Energy Efficiency

In the energy efficiency industry, October 5th is now known as “Energy Efficiency Day” nationwide. This is a great thing, because it brings awareness to a socially important cause that not only helps reduce the carbon footprint but also reduces energy bills in homes.

Here at Efficient Home, we pride ourselves on serving our customers in the Baltimore area by providing second to none customer service. The fact that we’ve won Pepco’s Energy Efficiency Champion Award (see below) further solidifies that. In honor of Energy Efficiency Day 2016, we’d like to highlight a recent project that resulted in an extremely happy customer and also demonstrate how we could also help you!

Through an in-depth energy audit, we discovered several areas of “Sally’s” home that could be improved. These included air sealing, insulation, the hot water system, lighting, and appliances. Those items in the home very commonly leave a lot of room for improvement, meaning they can contribute to poor air quality and losing conditioned air at a rapid rate, and wasting energy meaning you paying more money on your bills. Here is a list of just some of the recommendations we gave Sally to save money on her energy bills:

  • Improve air sealing & insulations (over $100 in annual savings)
  • Upgrade water heater
  • Upgrade refrigerator and washing machine
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs throughout the house

In total, Sally was eligible to see nearly $500 in annual savings, which she was very pleased with. She even said herself, “You guys were awesome! Can't wait to see the money I save on my bills, and now I have a plan on how to tackle the rest of the projects/appliance replacements.”

To learn how you can save money on your energy bills like Sally the best step is to give us a call at 301-476-9125 and schedule a home energy audit. You may also qualify for some rebates, which you can learn more about here.

Happy Energy Efficiency Day!



Efficient Home Wins PEPCO's Energy Efficiency Champion Award

Efficient Home was happy to help and participate with PEPCO and the Maryland ENERGY STAR New Homes Program. This collaboration with PEPCO further solidifies Efficient Home’s commitment to energy efficiency and helping to maintain grid reliability, reduce emissions, and lower the carbon footprint.

Our very own Tony Crane received the Energy Efficiency Champion Award for his active contributions to PEPCO's ENERGY STAR New Homes Program since its 2012 launch. He has supported a number of large and regional builders including Craftmark Homes, Richmond American, and CalAtlantic Homes.  His impact in the energy efficiency market extends far beyond new homes. Efficient Home is active in a number of other programs in addition to Pepco’s ENERGY STAR New Homes, such as the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, Quick Home Energy Check-up, C&I Small Business Energy Solutions, and Commercial Lighting Programs. Additionally, he participates in a number of DHCD and state-administered limited income programs, helping those who are income challenged to reduce their energy usage. 5/12/16

To learn more about what we do at Efficient Home please do not hesitate to contact us at

Efficient Home Awarded ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader

Efficient Home, LLC has earned an ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award in recognition of our continued commitment to providing our nation's homebuyers with ENERGY STAR certified homes. This award recognizes our organization's work in promoting energy efficient construction and helping homebuyers experience the peace of mind, quality, comfort, and value that come with living in an ENERGY STAR certified home. 4/25/16

Efficient Home Awarded Century Club

Efficient Home, LLC has been presented the 2014 Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club Award. This prestigious award is given out by the Energy Star program to contractors in high standing who have improved the energy efficiency of over 100 homes during the past year. 7/24/15


Efficient Home Inducted Into BPI GoldStar Contractor Program

Efficient Home, LLC has been named a BPI GoldStar Contractor after outstanding performance as a current BPI accredited Contractor in good standing. The purpose of this program is for high standing contractors to continue to drive top of the line quality service to its customers. Being a GoldStar Contractor truly sets Efficient Home apart from our competitors, allowing us to improve internal quality management that results in an increase in already high customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as numerous other improvements. 6/25/14

Efficient Home Awarded Century Club

Efficient Home, LLC has been presented the 2013 Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club Award. This prestigious award is given out by the Energy Star program to contractors in high standing who have improved the energy efficiency of over 100 homes during the past year. 6/10/14